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Designer: muftialem
Poin desain

SEBOE products was born because of a good cause. A social purpose that was initiated by Mr. Karsono (1946 - 2016) through Sebutret Indonesia to sustain free education for children in rural areas of Wanareja, Cilacap (Indonesia).

In collaboration with Mufti Alem ( as part of Designer Dispatch Service program from Ministry of Trade, we developed a new possibilities of natural fiber based objects that enhanced the unique characteristic of Coconut Fiber.

“Good Things need to be shared, to inspire and engage others.”

We brings the story in the conversation amongst friends or relatives, a subtle way to inspire and engage others to support the good cause while we introducing to the users some of the uniqueness and performance qualities that emerge from coconut fiber and natural rubber.

We deliver it through Timeless, Elegantly Simple objects of healthy living lifestyle that comes around the activities in the Kitchen as the new Living Room, a place where the true human interaction began. A simple product that inspired by the composition, anatomy & the structure of microscopic image of Coconut Fiber Cell. 

Gedung BBPPEI:
Jl. Letjen S Parman No.112
Grogol - Jakarta Barat 114400
Whatsapp: (62) 08777 002 8008
Telp: (62) 08777 002 8008
Hak Cipta 2016 milik IDDC