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Designer: viimar19
Palapa Design Project
Poin desain

Cirebon’s Craftmanship

Cirebon is well known as its rattan craftsmanship. But recently, the in- vestor is decreased. This became a problem to develop the economy of craftsmanship in here, We went to Cirebon and analyze what can we develop in this area. The market usually sells storage and drinking places separately, also in terms of design, it is still too conven- tional and rarely innovative. While in our product, we tried to combine those two functions.

Batik Kawung

Batik is one of Indonesian popular heritage. According to its Pattern, ba- tik divided by two types : Batik Pesisir and Batik Keraton. We found something about the ba- tik Keraton pattern, named kawung. Speci cally Batik Kawung, the pattern is geometric, beautiful and simple. Batik Keraton is made for the royal family, the pattern mostly geomet- ric, a lot of repetition, and using only natural colour. Batik Kawung has a meaning “harapan” means hope. 

The Concept

To make a conventional storage by ATUMICS method. Creating a new product based on old artefact. This container basically made for the Indonesian people who like to gather with their family.


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Kawrag could stores several packaged snacks and mineral water or glass. It can be carried and stored easily. User also can use it as a storage and room decoration when it is not used. 


Gedung BBPPEI:
Jl. Letjen S Parman No.112
Grogol - Jakarta Barat 114400
Whatsapp: (62) 08777 002 8008
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Hak Cipta 2016 milik IDDC