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Fused Plastic Material

upcycle, waste, plastic
Designer: Rinda Liem
Poin desain

From Waste into Ethical Material 


Working closely with trashpicker community, Rinda find her passion in transforming waste into value added product that create greater impact to the community. In 2010 alone, Indonesia produced 65,9 million tons of waste which increase 2 to 4% each year. With only 500 central dumpsites that can only holds 21,000 tons per day, Indonesia can only process 13 percents of its waste. Concern about the issue, she work with the most under-develop waste material, plastic groceries bag and transformed it into new material, ready to be developed into any kind of product. 

Gedung BBPPEI:
Jl. Letjen S Parman No.112
Grogol - Jakarta Barat 114400
Whatsapp: (62) 08777 002 8008
Telp: (62) 08777 002 8008
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