01 : Life products (Accessories and healthcare)
01-01 Accessories and personal items contact lens, eyeglasses, mask, accessories, watch, wallet, card holder, shoes/sandals, slippers, backpack/bag/suitcase, artificial limb, wig
01-02 Clothing hat, clothing, clothing accessories
01-03 Health care items sphygmomanometer, thermometer, massage goods/chair, EMS, activity monitor, pedometer, fitness equipment, WBGT monitor, alcometer
01-04 Sanitary goods toothbrush, household dental hygiene products, adult diaper, shaver, nail clipper, ear pick, comb, shaving things, razor, dryer, tissue, towel, bath mat, laundry net, detergent, cleaning sponge, shampoo, body care goods, bath goods, portable toilet, hot water bottle, body odor measuring instrument, breath checker
01-05 Beauty care equipment and instrument makeup tools, facial roller, perm rods, beauty device, hair iron, hair dryer
01-06 Smart watch
02 : Life products (Kids and stationery)
02-01 Childcare goods and accessories diaper, baby sling, swaddle, babywear, pacifier, mother's bag
02-02 Household childcare items baby stroller, potty, baby bath, baby bed, baby food, breast pump, baby bottle, baby tableware, chairs for children
02-03 Stationery and office supplies pen, mechanical pencil, notebook, diary, glue, scissors, cutter, stapler, adhesive tape, tape cutter, correction fluid/correction tape, seal, ink-pad, ruler, calculator, envelop, sticky note, book stand, book cover, picture flame, painting tools(paints, pallets, crayons), calendar, slip, file binder, clip, laser pointer, scientific calculator, cutting machine, bookbinding tool, drawing tool, photographic paper, whiteboard, label printer
02-04 Teaching materials and educational supplies intellectual toy, teaching materials, textbook/reference book, picture book, dictionary, educational tool, magnifying glass, microscope, flask, beaker
02-05 Toys toy, doll, stuffed toy, building blocks, board game, minicar, plastic model
03 : Life products (Leisure and hobby)
03-01 Sporting goods bat, ball, shin pad, golf club, yoga mat, training equipment, referee stand, field marking
03-02 Leisure/Outdoor/Travel goods picnic blanket, cooler box, tent, lantern, BBQ grill, trekking pole, outdoor chair/table,
03-03 Hobby goods and pet care supplies fishing rod, reel, handicraft tool, leash, pet toilet, aquarium, cat tower, grooming brush, pet
03-04 Accessories for smartphones, personal computers and mobile battery, smartphone case, tablet computer case, tripod, camera stabilizer,
03-05 Garden tools flower vase, flower pot, planter, watering pot, hose reel, watering nozzle, pruning
03-06 Audio equipment and music instruments headphone, earphone, loudspeaker, audio player, amplifier, music instrument(piano,
04 : Life products (Kitchen tools and daily necessities)
04-01 Kitchen goods, cookware, tableware and cutlery pot, frying pan, cleaning item for kitchen, kitchen knife, kitchen scissors, ladle, tong,
04-02 Daily necessities umbrella, fan, snow remover, sewing kit, (seat) cushion, mat, carpet, trash can, hanger,
05 : Home Furniture and household goods
05-01 Home furniture chair, sofa, table, desk, partition, hanger pole, laundry pole, storage case, shelf, storage
05-02 Cleaning goods broom, dustpan, duster, mop, cleaning brush
05-03 Household nursing and rehabilitation equipment hearing aid, wheelchair, walker, nursing care food, hospital food, nursing bed, patient
05-04 Emergency supplies disaster prevention hood and helmet, emergency kit / disaster prevention set,
05-05 Bedclothes futon, bed sheets, mattress, pillow, blanket
05-06 Religious supplies Buddhist altar and instrument, Shinto altar and instrument, plate for piled salt, rosary, urn,
06 : Home appliances
06-01 Kitchen appliances rice cooker, microwave oven, food processor, hot plate, mixer, blender, juicer, electric
06-02 Home appliances digital photo frame, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, refrigerator, home cleaning
06-03 Air conditioning appliances air cleaner, humidifier, electrical fan, electric stove, heater / fan heater, electric warmer,
07 : ICT equipment
07-01 Cameras, mobile phones and tablets tablet PC, camera, video camera, telephone, mobile phone, smart phone, communication
07-02 Video equipment TV, monitor, media player, VR headset
07-03 ICT equipment for the general public desktop PC, notebook PC, mouse, keyboard, stylus, printer, scanner, projector, NAS,
07-04 Broadcast and sound equipment for professional use mixing console, multi-track recorder, switcher, loudspeaker for professional use,
07-05 ICT equipment for professional use emergency communication system, security camera, computer for professional use,
08 : Housing fixtures
08-01 House lighting appliances light bulb, ceiling light, pendant light, desk lamp, floor lamp, stand lamp, sensor light
08-02 House air conditioning machines/fixtures air conditioner, air vent
08-03 House building materials/fixtures architectural hardware, building material, fixtures, stairs, sash/window, door handle
08-04 House interior materials curtain, blinds, rolling screen, wallpaper
08-05 House exterior materials roofing materials, garage, doorplate, postbox, rain gutter, wood deck, terrace, sunshade,
08-06 Kitchen fixtures range hood and ventilator, water heater, remote controller for water heater, sink, built-in
08-07 Bathroom and wet area wash basin, shower, bathtub, toilet bowl / toilet seat, water purification device, faucet,
08-08 House machines/fixtures elevator for home, escalator for home, digital lock, smart lock, home delivery locker box,
09 : Mobility
09-01 Passenger car passenger car for home use
09-02 Passenger car-related instruments car tire, car navigation system, dash cam, car audio system, car stopper, child seat, car
09-03 Commercial vehicle taxi, bus, truck, construction vehicle(crane truck, etc), farm vehicle(tractor, etc),
09-04 Commercial vehicle-related instruments car tire for commercial vehicle, car navigation system for commercial vehicle, dash cam
09-05 Motorbike motorbike for private/commercial use
09-06 Motorbike-related instruments tire for motorbike, speedometer, helmet, glove, riding wear
09-07 Personal mobility and bicycle personal mobility and bicycle
09-08 Personal mobility and bicycle-related instruments bicycle light, cycle computer / speedometer, riding wear
09-09 Railway railway vehicle, equipment and facility for railway, system and service for railway or
09-10 Shipping yacht, motorboat, water motorbikes, cruiser, passenger ship, cargo ship, boat for special
09-11 Aircraft rocket, aircraft, airship, helicopter, drone for transportation, equipment and facility for
09-12 Transportation system and service (logistics / physical transportation system and service, logistic system and service
10 : Equipment and facilities for manufacturing and medical care
10-01 Accessories and personal items for professional use fingerstall, nameplate, armband, dust mask, dust goggles, work gloves, cotton work
10-02 Working tools and instruments pliers, nipper, screwdriver, saw, small work items, spray, paint, tool holder, vise, jig,
10-03 Agricultural tools and equipment hoe, sickle, rake, mortar, lawnmower, hedge trimmer, cultivator, huller, threshing
10-04 Equipment and facilities for production and manufacturing data logger, control equipment, digital micrometer, current probe, measuring equipment,
10-05 Medical equipment and facilities injector, intravenous drip, medicine, stent, surgical instrument, stretcher, biomonitoring,
10-06 Materials and parts sheet materials, paper, block, ceramic materials, glass materials, plastic materials,
10-07 Manufacturing and production technique processing method, manufacturing method, constructing method, transportation
10-08 Equipment and facilities for research and experiment pipette, electronic balance, agitator, homogenizer, gas chromatography, x-ray
10-09 Other product for medical use and manufacturing
11 : Equipment and facilities for shop, office and public space
11-01 Furniture for shop, office, public space office chair, office table, desk wagon, storage shelf, cabinet rack, locker, storage system, partition, reception office furniture, work station, office ceiling light
11-02 Display furniture for shop and public space ticket vending machine, automatic ticket check, ATM, sign board, digital signage, pachinko game equipment, display fixture, plant factory for shop
11-03 Equipment and facilities for public space automatic door, fire alarm, evacuation guide, chair and desk for educational facility, lounge sofa, telephone booth, security gate, dust box for public, portable toilet for public, washbasin for public facility, stairs for public facility, bollard, fence, street light, sign board, electric pole, curved mirror, moveable fence, street furniture, spectator seat, braille tile, pavement, playground equipment for park, elevator, escalator, planetarium floodlight
11-04 Kitchen equipment and facilities for professional use cylindrical pan, steamer, fryer, Chinese frying pan, hotel pan and food pan, kitchen pot, frying pan for professional use, bowl for professional use, kitchen knife for professional use, other kitchen utensils for professional use, banquet ware, food tray, bus box, oven for pizza, refrigerator for professional use, wine cellar for professional use, dishwasher for professional use, water heater for professional use, kitchen, towel warmer, ice machine, refrigerating stocker
11-05 Equipment and facilities for professional use cash register counter, receipt printer, POS terminal, handy terminal, barcode scanner, cash drawer, counting scale, settlement terminal, register, side ditch cover, manhole cover, distribution board, earthquake sensor, water quantity measuring instrument, solar cell array stand, fence for construction work, fire hydrant, construction sign, safety flag, color cone, barricade, lighting for construction work site, bookcase, base station, power transmission tower, wind power generator
11-06 Lighting appliances for professional use
11-07 Air conditioning equipment and facilities for professional use ceiling embedded air conditioner
11-08 Building materials and equipment for commercial space monitoring camera unit, security box, monitoring control system, management system, control panel, interphone for commercial/professional use, shutte
11-09 Equipment and facilities for commercial space
12 : Housing (personal residence, small sized apartment)
12-01 Commercial/industrialized housing
12-02 Detached house
12-03 Cohousing housing for specific purpose(shared house, nursing home, student dormitory, etc).
12-04 Small sized housing complex small sized housing complex(less than 20 dwelling units)
12-05 Construction method for housing construction method for housing, structural member for housing, seismic isolation structure for housing
12-06 Service and system for detached and small-sized housing/HEMS (Home Energy Management System) exhibition hall for housing
13 : Housing (medium to large sized housing complex)
13-01 Medium/large sized housing complex medium to large sized housing complex(20 dwelling units or more)
13-02 Service and system for housing complex/HEMS (Home Energy Management System) service for residents of housing complex, service to support purchase and design of housing, housing value creation service, estate development
14 : Construction for industry, commercial and public facility
14-01 Construction/space design for industry construction/space design/sign system for office, research and development institute, factory, industrial complex, warehouse, distribution center, container yard, power plant, production facility, facility and space for management and control, etc.
14-02 Construction/space design for commercial use construction/space design/sign system/exhibition space, space effect, lighting plan, VMD (visual merchandising), chapel, stall for commercial complex, shopping center, shop, showroom, hotel and accommodation, cinema, theater and other amusement facilities
14-03 Construction/space design for public facility construction/space design/sign system/pictogram for government building, educational facility, medical/welfare facility, museum, library, cultural exchange facility, post office, bank, financial facility, airport, station building, religious facility, zoo, aquarium, observation deck, tourist facility, gymnasium, stadium, arena, etc.
14-04 Landscape, civil engineering structures landscape, environmental design, park, square, road, traffic terminal, bridge, tower, harbor/river maintenance, dam, embankment, tunnel, junction, water channel, water and sewage infrastructure
14-05 Block and community development city block development, urban development, community/regional development, urban planning
14-06 Construction method for industry, commercial, public facility structure, structural member, building method, civil engineering method, demolition method
15 : Media, Contents and Packaging
15-01 Media magazine, website, free paper magazine, local government's journal, regional PR magazine
15-02 Contents for the general public book, electronic book, TV program, video game, advertisement, promotion planning, promotion and advertising event, corporate PR, regional tourism map, regional promotion campaign, music video, AR contents, VR contents, live viewing, infographic
15-03 Contents for business in-house information dissemination media, in-house journal, new product presentation, brand management manual, operation guideline, service manual
15-04 Method for advertising/PR advertisement contents, PR contents, PR method
15-05 Exhibition / display exhibition, exhibition booth, display, projection mapping, video installation
15-06 Branding / CI / VI branding, CI (Corporate Identity), VI (Visual Identity)
15-07 Font web font, digital font, brand font, font service
15-08 Packaging for the general public drink and food package, packaging container for food and drink, product package, package and container design for daily necessities, cosmetic package, package for drug and medicine, CD jacket
15-09 Packaging for professional use package for transportation, packaging container, shelf-ready packaging
15-09 Application, software for the general public / apps for smartphones and tablets video editing software, educational app/software, automatic translation program, household account app, map app, SNS, coworking tool, travel app, home medical support app, personal finance app, photo app
16 : System and Service
16-01 System/service for the general public loss prevention device, child care support service, care support service, crime prevention system, education system, community-based integrated care system, repair service, watching service, location search service, photo gift service, bookbinding service, processing service, mileage service, room access management system, search system, matching service, navigation service
16-02 Insurance/financial service and system asset management system, insurance contract service, financial product management system
16-03 Software for professional use CAD software, software for development, medical software, customer management application, profit optimization tool, accommodation management system, image analysis software, business data management application, store management tool, team management application, business improvement application
16-04 System/service for professional use employee management system, coin parking system, data visualization system, data analysis service, customer management service, aseptic system, FA system, logistics system, POS system, order system, ASP service, telemedicine system, electronic medical record system, library search system , EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service), organization improvement system
16-05 Social infrastructure system / infrastructure water and sewage system, power generation system, smart grid, eco system, traffic management system, certificate system, disaster risk management system, medical cooperation system, tax payment system
17 : Business model and method
17-01 Business model advertisement model, tie-up model, license model, cooperation model, matching model, franchise model, crowdfunding service
17-02 Research and development method survey method, analysis method, idea creation method, academic-industry cooperation research and development, PBL(project based learning), open source development
17-04 Education/promotion/support method education program, education support program, housing support program, regional exchange program, volunteer support program, technical training system, skill sharing service, workshop program
17-05 Awareness improvement for individual and public activity for improving awareness of disaster prevention, work experience workshop, experience-based learning program, reconstruction support activity, cultural awareness campaign
18 : Project and activity
18-01 Regional/community development activity for promotion of regional exchange, activity for conservation of community resources, educational promotion and support activity, environmental conservation activity, support for developing countries, activity for creation of recycling society, activity for community development, festival planning, event planning, social business, municipal system, community platform, regional revitalization project
18-02 Social contribution
18-03 Project and activity for the general public cultural support, poverty assistance, childbirth/child care support